On this one day course, imagine you are stranded on island after being shipwrecked. Tom Hanks is nowhere to be seen and you only have kit that has washed up on the beach with you. What are you going to do to survive?

We will teach you all the skills you need should you find yourself in a position like this. Shelter, Fire, Forage, Raft and Self Rescue!

On your full day course with our Bear Grylls trained Instructor, the first thing you will learn is how to build a suitable emergency shelter on the beach using equipment provided.

You’ll then get to work building a fire suitable for cooking on and we will start to boil water in two stock pots. But then you need to forage for food! Join in the beach comb to collect cockles, whelks and edible plants and discover how to prep them correctly for cooking. You’ll also find out how to make fish traps using plastic bottles and we all know how many of those we find around our coastline.

Next, you’ll get the skills you need to build a raft, kit up and paddle out to check the lobster pot in the harbour and hope that there might be an additional item on the menu!

As a group, you’ll gather around fire and cook your recently foraged items where your instructor will talk about self-rescue strategies.


  • Adult £70
  • Under 14s £50

Money from every activity you purchase goes directly to helping those less fortunate to try the same activities. You can see where your money makes a difference by checking out our charity page for our latest projects

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Harbour Challenge is easy to find - we are in the centre of Hamworthy Park in Poole. You can leave your car at Hamworthy Park Surface Car Park and take a short walk to the Centre. Please note that this is now a pay and display carpark between March to October.

Take the main path through the park, walk past the paddling pool and cafe to the cream-coloured building at the end of the park. This is the main Harbour Challenge Centre.

BH15 4DH
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    One Day 9am - 5pm


    Lunch - as long as you can find and cook it!