Bookings for all activities at Harbour Challenge are accepted on the terms contained in this Code of Conduct.  All participants are required to comply with the terms; group leaders are responsible for ensuring that the terms are met.

The Code of Conduct is intended to ensure that programmes meet acceptable standards of behaviour, care of people and property, along with health, safety and hygiene.  Crucially, certain activities carry an element of risk that requires students and staff to be alert, responsive and to follow instructions.  Centre staff will not undertake such activities unless they are confident that all participants are in a fit state and able to participate with an acceptable level of safety.

Failure to comply with the terms of the Code of Conduct may result in:  activities being suspended or cancelled; individuals being withdrawn from activities or situations; individuals being sent home; or the course being curtailed, with no refund and, where necessary, at additional cost to the visiting organisation or individual.

Code of Conduct for All Visitors

1. It is expected and anticipated that everyone will show, through their actions and behaviour, responsibility for the care and well-being of themselves, other students and staff and property.  Therefore, ensuring that the course is positive, worthwhile and enjoyable for all.

2. Whilst the points below may seem prescriptive, they set a standard to enable the above.

3. Completed, signed and dated participants consent forms must be provided before students and/or staff are able to take part in activities.

4. All Centre offices, kitchen, store cupboards (and their contents) and staff accommodation are private, and for Centre staff access only.

5. No students will leave the site or go into any unauthorised areas, unless accompanied by an adult or as part of an organised activity.

6. Harbour Challenge, and all its working areas, are No Smoking.  Alcohol is not allowed.

7. Courtesy, consideration and good manners should be shown and received at all times.  

8. Bad language or aggressive behaviour towards one another or a member of staff will not be tolerated and may result in the activity being suspended and the individual being sent home.

9. Students and staff will be required to listen to, and demonstrate that they understand, briefings prior to activities.  Centre staff will not start, or will discontinue, an activity, if they are not confident that all participants understand safety and behaviour requirements.

10. The visiting group leader remains responsible for the group members throughout their visit to the Centre.

11. Our staff supervises the groups during programmed activities, but overall responsibility remains with visiting staff members, group welfare and care passes back to the group leaders after evening sessions. (Member of HC staff is available overnight in the event of an emergency).

12. Everyone should meet on time, in the correct place, properly prepared for the activity as requested by the Centre leader of that activity, or if appropriate, the group leader.

13. Everyone should respect their own, other people’s and Centre property.  Particular attention is drawn to behaviour in changing rooms, dormitories, tents and games rooms – all and any damage caused by inappropriate behaviour will be charged for and will be the responsibility of the visiting group to monitor.   

14. Mobile phones for students are not prohibited, electronic games, ipods, hair straighteners etc are strongly discouraged.  If such items are brought, they must be used responsibly and this must be with the agreement of group leaders.  Similarly, cameras should also be used responsibly. (we have no facilities for looking after or charging such devices)

15. All accidental damage, faults, lost (or found) property should be reported immediately.

16. Outdoor footwear, clothing and equipment should be kept in the designated areas.

17. The Centre will be left clean and tidy at the end of the course.

18. If in doubt, ask.   It should be a great experience if we all work together and help each other.

    Additional Requirements for Residential Visitors

    1. Prior to the residential taking place, all participating students and staff, and Centre staff, will be clear and consistent about the purpose and aims of the residential – why it is happening, what outcomes we hope to achieve, and what responsibilities we individually and collectively have.

    2. Male and female students will absolutely respect the privacy of each other’s bedroom, bathroom tents and changing areas. 

    3. No outdoor shoes to be worn in tents.

    4. No wet clothes to be hung on tents and no wet clothes to be taken in to tents.

    5. Students will go to bed and settle at times set by group leaders, if necessary.  This will be no later than 10pm to bed, and 10.30 pm lights out. The Centre /campsite will remain quiet from 11.0pm until 6.45am to give chance for adequate rest.

    6. Students will respect the privacy of all staff and staff areas, and will not enter these areas, except in an emergency.

    7. All Centre offices, kitchen, store cupboards (and their contents) and staff accommodation are private, and for Centre staff access only. 

    8. Everyone should respect their own, other people’s and Centre property.  Attention is drawn to behaviour in changing rooms, dormitories, tents and games room –  It is recommended that access to tents is kept to a minimum, especially during “free time” this will be the responsibility of the visiting group leaders to monitor

    9. Harbour Challenge, and all its working areas, are No Smoking. Alcohol is not allowed.

    10. Everyone should be at meals on time, and should stay until the end of the meal.

    11. Facilities for one group leader per residential booking to charge their mobile phone on the campsite will be provided. 

    12. All and any damage caused to any residential or activity equipment by inappropriate behaviour will be charged for, this will also include but not limiting to all extra staffing costs whether instructor or administration staff charged at the current day rate of £150.00 per member of staff needed to deal with any such incident.

      Professional Conduct by HC Staff

      1. We aim to conduct ourselves in a manner that reflects the Charity’s values.

      2. We will ensure that equality of opportunity to all, irrespective of ability, age, gender, race, religious beliefs, sexual orientation etc and due respect for diversity is shown.

      3. We aim to present ourselves in a responsible manner which inspires confidence and trust to all.  

      4. We display a professional attitude towards our customers and general public alike.

      5. We have a duty of care to each participant and accept our responsibility to protect the dignity, privacy and safety of all those for whom we are responsible. 

      6. We define and respect the boundaries between personal and working life and never misuse a leadership position, whatever the age of the client.

      7. We manage the activities for which we are responsible with due regard to the emotional, social and physical welfare of all our participants.

      8. We safeguard confidential information relating to customers and use our discretion when sharing essential relevant information with staff members. 

      9. We will not pass on any personal details, including email addresses to a third party, unless there is a disclosure made to our staff with regard to safeguarding and/or child protection.  In this case, we have a legal obligation to reserve the right to speak to Social Services and the Police.