DofE Bronze Walking

Did you know you can now complete your whole DofE Bronze Expedition Section in just four days?

From 2019 onwards, the DofE no longer requires you to complete both a practice and qualifying expedition, so Harbour Challenge has put together this brand new programme where you can complete your Bronze Walking Expedition in record time!

You’ll still benefit from our 25 years of organising DofE expeditions and the same high-quality leaders and kit, you’ll just spend less time and money.

And if you only want to do your practice or qualifying expedition, we can still offer you these options.

Our Open Group expeditions are perfect for pre-formed teams looking to complete their expedition or for individuals where you can join others in the same position and make new friends.

So, if you want to complete the award and your friends aren’t up for it or you or your group can’t make your school dates, it’s the ideal option. We even create private Facebook groups to get the planning discussions started and help you get to know people on your Expedition!

DofE Bronze Walking

The New Four-Day DoFE Bronze Expedition

DofE Bronze Walking
Days 1 & 2: Expedition training and a navigation walk

Our leaders will work with your group to cover all aspects of the Bronze expedition syllabus.  This includes route planning,  a navigation walk, campcraft, and emergency procedures.

Days 3 & 4 Qualifying Expedition

Now it’s time for you and your team to complete the 2 day qualifying expedition (assessed by a DofE Accredited Assessor). At the end of the expedition, the Assessor will debrief all groups and fill out the relevant paperwork. 

For all dates, locations, full information and to book online click below - we offer a discount if you book both expeditions at the same time.

If you are a school or group looking for help with running your full Duke of Edinburgh programme, Harbour Challenge is a licensed provider click here for details.

Taking place in a variety of locations, our fully licensed, friendly and experienced instructors will be there to support and guide the teams.

Standard Practice & Qualifying Expeditions

Practice and Training Expedition Only (3 days)

During your walk, teams will be remotely supervised and offered further instruction until they are confident that the teams are fully ready to be independent. They will then be monitored remotely purely for safety purposes. A review and feedback of the practice expedition will be provided by our leaders.

Qualifying Expedition Only (2 days)

Understanding that your group is fully ready for this stage, teams are remotely supervised and assessed by our qualified DofE Assessor to allow them to safely complete their Bronze expedition. After the expedition the Assessor will debrief all groups and fill out the relevant paperwork.

All Expedition Package includes;

  • Equipment, food and cooking
  • Map skills
  • Route planning
  • Compass work
  • Packing rucksacks
  • Basic first aid
  • Camp craft skills
  • Emergency procedures
  • Cost of campsite fees
  • Barrel for kit
  • Expedition equipment, including tents, cooking stoves and fuel for stoves
  • Rucksacks can be provided if required
  • Support and guidance from our office before and after your Expedition
DofE Bronze Expeditions

Other Information

Bronze DofE Walking Expedition.
What you will need to provide:
  • All food - we will provide advance guidance on what you will need to bring. Click here for DofE advice on the right food to bring for nutritional needs
  • Transport to and from location - we will give advice on the easiest way to get there including the use of public transport if required
  • Personal clothing and equipment
Additional Information

We need a minimum of five participants to run a Practice only, Expedition only or the new four day all-in-one session.

If we do not achieve this minimum on a particular Expedition we will give you the option to change to an alternative date or we will provide you with a full refund.

For previously established groups of four or more people bespoke dates can be organized on request.

We have a dedicated groups co-ordinator who will be happy to help with any enquiries, please call 01202 403276 for a chat or email