DofE Silver Expedition

On your Duke of Edinburgh Silver Expedition you will  be journeying through the countryside of the amazing Purbecks and the New Forest. Our Silver routes are set in amazing countryside, designed to offer an exciting expedition that is easy to navigate and walk – Perfect for those new to the award.

We will help you plan your route, pack your kit, pitch your tent, cook on your stove and ultimately be well prepared for your Assessed Expedition.  Our staff are fully qualified and have over 50 years of outdoor education experience. We are fully insured and register with the Adventure Activities Licensing Authority (AALA) Licence Number R1467

Each expedition has it own dedicated supervisor that will keep you safe and stays on the campsite each evening in case of any issues that might have risen during the day. 

For your ease we offer a fully comprehensive expedition package with accommodation costs, Accredited Supervisors and Assessors, quality expedition equipment.  We pride ourselves on delivering a safe and fun experience in the hills around Dorset and the forests of Hampshire. 

We offer 1 days training  followed by a two day practice expedition, and a refresher day before the three day two  night assessment expedition. 

We supply all the tents,cookers, fuel as well as pay for and book the campsite.

If you have missed a school expedition do not worry. You can just choose just a practice or assessment expedition and attend what you need.

Silver DofE